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The bHive Marketplace

The bHive marketplace provides its users with the easiest and simplest way to secure bee rentals. Whether you are a beekeeper hoping to find a farm to pollinate for a few weeks, or a farmer looking to rent bees for your orchard, bHive is here to help. Signing up is free and easy - as is posting a new listing.

Beekeepers can upload information and pictures about what bees they have available by posting a listing. Farmers can browse through these posts and find the perfect party to rent bees from.  Feel free to search by location, price, quantity of bees, and much more. 

Farmers who cannot find a perfect match for them can also "request bees" by posting a listing. You can include the price, duration, number of hives, types of bees, and much more for your specific crop. Beekeepers who would like to work with you can then contact you through bHive and deliver their bees to your farm. 

The bHive team is dedicated to helping farmers and beekeepers conduct meaningful and prosperous business transactions between both parties. Each year the bee population declines and farmers must pay more to rent bees for their crops. By acting as a middleman between local beekeeper and farmers, bHive hopes to maximize the effectiveness of all bees and help support smaller farms. 

By using the bHive service, you are accepting the following "Rules of Trade:"

1. Beekeepers are responsible for the transportation, maintenance, setup, removal, and cleaning of hives.

2. The general needs of the bees, such as water, food, or medication is the responsibility of the beekeeper. Water sources such as streams, irrigation, or ponds may be locally available on a seasonal basis.

3. Beekeepers may not leave their hives on the land of farmers before or after the rental period without the farmer’s consent.

4. Farmers are required to provide beekeepers a full disclosure of all pesticides and attractants that have been used on crops in the past 30 days within a two mile radius, to the best of their knowledge. However, farmers are not responsible for pesticide use on land out of their control.

5. Farmers must obtain permission of the beekeeper at least 48 hours before spraying any pesticides or attractants.

6. Farmers and beekeepers must abide by all city, county, state, and federal rules and regulations during rental transactions.

7. Both parties are liable to replace or repair damaged property that results from their misconduct. 

The bHive team appreciates your continual support and we would love to hear any of your comments or concerns. Please feel free to contact us by clicking the on the "Contact us" tab at the top of your screen.

Thank you,

bHive Team